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Conversations with purrr

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Conversations with purrr podcast with Pauline Nguyen

Presented by Tiger Purrr

spiritual entrepreneur Pauline Nguyen

‘conversations with purrr’ is a podcast and youtube series hosted by pauline nguyen, the spiritual entrepreneur

Pauline connects deeply with creative thinkers, misfits and boundary-pushers to discover how they see the world and what makes them successful at this thing called life.

All over a delicious pot of Tiger Purrr chai.

"We have just one glorious life. It is our duty to master all areas of its significance."

- Pauline Nguyen


Alistair Trung

alan la

matt purcell

Tiger Purrr podcast guest Alistair Trung

Alistair Trung is an Australian/Vietnamese creative and self-described 'cloth addict'. Defying prescribed ideologies of age, body, gender and beauty, Alistair believes in designing clothing that is trans-seasonal, trans-occasional, trans-age, trans-size and trans-gender.

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Tiger Purrr podcast guest Alan La

Known as the modern-day Bruce Lee, Alan is a hall of fame martial artist, best-selling author and Founder of Invincible Worldwide, a global movement with over 100,000 followers. Through world-class training and programs, he empowers heart-centred heroes, teaching not just physical strength, but the strength of mind, heart and spirit. 

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Conversations with Purrr podcast guest Matt Purcell

Matt is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, the recipient of the Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award and was nominated for Australian of the Year. He is the founder of top podcast The Examined Life where he gets personal with some of Australia’s most inspiring and recognisable people, talking business, leadership, mental health, spirituality, relationships and much more. Matt is also the co-founder of Mentored Media which represents some of the top brands and personalities in Australia.

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