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Conversations with purrr

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Conversations with purrr podcast with Pauline Nguyen

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spiritual entrepreneur Pauline Nguyen

‘conversations with purrr’ is a podcast and youtube series hosted by pauline nguyen, the spiritual entrepreneur

Pauline connects deeply with creative thinkers, misfits and boundary-pushers to discover how they see the world and what makes them successful at this thing called life.

All over a delicious pot of Tiger Purrr chai.

"We have just one glorious life. It is our duty to master all areas of its significance."

- Pauline Nguyen


Fred Schebesta

pauline nguyen

Ben Handler

Pauline Nguyen

dr catriona wallace

jonar nader

matt purcell

alan la

Alistair Trung

Conversation with Purrr podcast episode with Pauline Nguyen & Fred Schebesta – Remarkability commands attention

There are certain people who are here to push the boundaries, to be extraordinary and set the vision for where the world is going. One of those remarkable people is my guest today, Fred Schebesta, a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of Finder, the most innovative and comprehensive money app in Australia. Fred is a world-famous entrepreneur known for his out-of-the-box thinking and quirky persona. He encourages people to make mistakes, try new things, push the boundaries and be uncomfortable. Because when there is permission to fail, there is the potential to grow and the opportunity to achieve remarkable success.

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Conversations with Purrr with Pauline Nguyen – The Power of Intentions, Nature's Medicine and Being a Perpetual Student of Life

In this solo episode, I share why I believe the best medicine in the world is Nature’s medicine. My morning routine may not be for everyone, but it is an important discipline for me. Discipline come from the word disciple - a perpetual student of life. I share why I wake at 4am - when my melatonin levels are at their highest and the doors to quantum dimensions are the most open.

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Conversations with Purrr with Pauline Nguyen and special guest Ben Handler

Ben was the co-founder of Australia’s largest buyers’ agency, Cohen Handler. After exceeding his initial goals and obtaining enormous success with Cohen Handler, Ben’s soul called him elsewhere. Through a huge process of transformation, letting go of his ego, and being willing to trust and face his fears, Ben launched Buyer’s Agent Institute (BAI). BAI provides training to help people turn buying property into a career. Not only a new career but a complete life transformation.

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Conversation with Purrr episode Pauline Nguyen – rewriting spirituality and stepping into your power

In this episode, Pauline invites you to throw out your old ideas and paradigms of what spirituality is as she explores the essence of spirituality. Spirituality is a pre-eminent path to mastery, to achieve your boldest goals and awaken your infinite potential. Spirituality is about living our truth. Snatching our power back. Becoming the grandest version of the greatest vision we hold of ourselves.

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Dr Catriona Wallace has been acknowledged as one of the country’s preeminent scientists and experts in the field of artificial intelligence and the metaverse. Today Catriona has been able to step into a life that deeply entwines her training and knowledge in AI with her spirituality and training as a Shamanic healer. Catriona believes that sharing knowledge about the responsible use of technology is her true calling.

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Conversations with Purrr with Pauline Nguyen and special guest Jonar Nader

Jonar Nader is known as the world’s only post-tentative virtual surrealist. He is an author, journalist, lecturer, futurist, consultant and corporate/social warrior. He leads with his expertise in technology, management, leadership, teamwork, sales excellence and staff empowerment. Jonar pushes the boundaries and disrupts the ordinary every day. He is the founder of consulting agency Logictivity and consults with corporations and governments across the globe.

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Conversations with Purrr podcast guest Matt Purcell

Matt is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, the recipient of the Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award and was nominated for Australian of the Year. He is the founder of top podcast The Examined Life where he gets personal with some of Australia’s most inspiring and recognisable people, talking business, leadership, mental health, spirituality, relationships and much more. Matt is also the co-founder of Mentored Media which represents some of the top brands and personalities in Australia.

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Tiger Purrr podcast guest Alan La

Known as the modern-day Bruce Lee, Alan is a hall of fame martial artist, best-selling author and Founder of Invincible Worldwide, a global movement with over 100,000 followers. Through world-class training and programs, he empowers heart-centred heroes, teaching not just physical strength, but the strength of mind, heart and spirit. 

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Tiger Purrr podcast guest Alistair Trung

Alistair Trung is an Australian/Vietnamese creative and self-described 'cloth addict'. Defying prescribed ideologies of age, body, gender and beauty, Alistair believes in designing clothing that is trans-seasonal, trans-occasional, trans-age, trans-size and trans-gender.

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