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Our Podcast – Conversations with purrr

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Conversations with purrr podcast with Pauline Nguyen

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spiritual entrepreneur Pauline Nguyen

‘conversations with purrr’ is a podcast and youtube series hosted by pauline nguyen, the spiritual entrepreneur

Pauline connects deeply with creative thinkers, misfits and boundary-pushers to discover how they see the world and what makes them successful at this thing called life.

All over a delicious pot of Tiger Purrr chai.

"We have just one glorious life. It is our duty to master all areas of its significance."

- Pauline Nguyen

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Conversations with Purrr Season 2 Episode 11 with Pauline Nguyen and special guest Aidan Walsh. Designing a life of style and adventure

Some people are born entrepreneurs. They are the ones who dare to listen to their hearts, follow their passions and leave their unique mark on the world no matter what. My guest today is one of these courageous beings. Aidan Walsh, founder and designer of AIDAN has an entrepreneurial story brimming with vision, resilience, and a whole lot of grit. I’m excited to share my conversation with Aidan here today so you too can be inspired by his story.

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Conversations with Purrr Season 2 Episode 10 with Pauline Nguyen and Andrew Morello – Freedom from rigidity and why spiritual entrepreneurship is the way

A phrase that comes to mind when I think of my guest today is ‘freedom from rigidity’. Andrew Morello is affectionately known to many as the winner of the first Australian Apprentice in 2009, a reality show that judges the business skills of a competitive group of contestants. Wherever he focuses his energy, be it mentoring entrepreneurs or spending time with family and friends, Andrew’s unbridled energy is a force to be reckoned with.

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Conversations with Purrr podcast Season 2 Episode 9 – Magnifying human potential Through Meditation and Conscious Leadership with Tom Cronin and Pauline Nguyen

Tom Cronin, otherwise known as the King of Calm is the author of six books, all written with the common theme of magnifying human potential through the practice of meditation. As the founder of The Stillness Project, Tom created a global movement to inspire one billion people to sit in stillness daily, believing this is the key to reducing stress and chaos in people's lives. Dedicated to making the world a better place, Tom also produced The Portal, an award winning documentary created as part of a bold, global vision to overcome the chronic levels of anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma that we are facing today.

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Conversations with Purrr with Pauline Nguyen and special guest Rachael Coopes

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the ever creative Rachael Coopes, author, actor, writer, yoga and mindfulness educator, mother and much loved Play School presenter. As Rachael shares her experiences of stumbling upon yoga and meditation, finding strength in life's battles, and the magic of nostalgia, I was captivated by her authenticity and wisdom and I am certain you will be too.

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Conversations with Purrr Season 2 Episode 7 – Transforming the world through inspiration and the law of attraction with Natalie Ludwell

Natalie is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, sought-after speaker, television host, and podcaster. She is a trailblazer who is working hard to consistently drive humanity forward with her latest endeavour, Personal Growth Studies, a remarkable curriculum aimed at underprivileged children. This program focuses on establishing a solid foundation of personal development and emotional intelligence through addressing prevalent issues such as bullying, self-harm, and anxiety.

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Conversations with Purrr Season 2 Episode 6 – the three mind revolution with David Chiem Part 2

I’m back again today with the wonderful David Chiem for Part 2 of our profound conversation about the champion mindset. David is the founder, CEO, and Executive Chairman of MindChamps and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Singapore. MindChamps holds first place in premium preschools in Singapore and is the first preschool to be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. I have a deep respect for David and the way he has transferred his craft from theatre into the entrepreneurial world. We dive deeper into the three mind revolution: The champion mind, the creative mind and the learning mind, and how the combination of these three is necessary for us to thrive in a fast-changing world. In his graceful and deeply considered way, David reminds us that we must be ahead of the curve but never ahead of ourselves. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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Conversations with Purrr Season 2 Episode 5 – the magnetic resonance and champion mindset of David Chiem

David is the founder, CEO, and Executive Chairman of MindChamps and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Singapore. MindChamps holds first place in premium preschools in Singapore and is the first preschool to be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. MindChamps was founded almost two decades ago on the belief that if we understand how we learn, we can find the best ways of targeting and releasing the potential in every child. David has a profound wisdom that he carries with him and believes that there is only ever one way to say anything - with 100% respect and from the heart.

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Conversations with Purrr with Pauline Nguyen Season 2 Episode 4

In the face of adversity, I will always choose optimism over positive thinking. Every time. Why? An optimistic brain is far more capable of shifting us forward than a brain that is stuck in fear, blame and excuses. In this episode, over a warming cup of Tiger Purrr Chai, I explain why positive thinking doesn’t help you as much as you might think. Put simply, it is a bandaid solution and in business settings it can be counterproductive.

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Conversations with Purrr Season 2, Episode 3 – Charlie Lund and Josh Marx

My guests on the episode today are fellow spiritual entrepreneurs Charlie Lund and Josh Marx, owners and founders of Prana Tattoo. Self-mastery and leadership are the names of their game. Both Charlie and Josh have endured and overcome incredibly difficult childhoods to walk the walk through their own rite of passage to become the beautiful, evolved humans that they are today. I resonate when they tell me that they look back at their upbringing and see it as their training. Like me, inner peace is their destination, joy is their GPS.

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Conversations with Purrr Season 2 Episode 2 with Pauline Nguyen – the spark of entrepreneurship and walking the walk to freedom

Today I give you insight into the tough childhood that sparked my entrepreneurial spirit. I know what it’s like to start from nothing. My family and I are boat people - refugees who escaped Vietnam after the war. Discipline, responsibility, accountability, reliability, persistence, courage, resilience and grit were some of my closest companions growing up. My hustler spirit was born from these skills.

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Conversations with Purrr Season 2 Episode 1 – Steve Chapman, CEO of Shine Drink

My guest today is Steve Chapman, a high-energy, high-vibration entrepreneur on a mission to push humanity forward to think better, feel better and do better. Steve Chapman is the CEO and Founder of Shine Drink, one of the fastest-growing beverage companies in Australia, delivering delicious and natural nootropics to energise and awaken the mind. With products available in over 6,500 outlets across Australia, the success of Shine is attributed to Steve’s hard work, persistence, discipline and dedication to his mission.

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Conversations with Purrr Episode 12 with Pauline Nguyen - Embracing mortality and seeing the bigger picture

Often we get so blind-sighted by experiences that we can’t anticipate because we’re unable to see the bigger picture. In that state of being caught unaware, stress, anxiety and overwhelm can easily consume our minds. We get stuck in tunnel vision. There is so much more we cannot see and it’s impossible to see the bigger picture from where we’re currently standing. In this solo episode, I’m exploring what life can look like from a different perspective. When we change our worldview, we’re able to respond to life’s demands with fearlessness, grace and poise and our lives instantly fill with awe and wonder.

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Conversations with Purrr Episode 11 – Building a sustainable food business with fearlessness, integrity and heart with Diem Fuggersberger

Some of the words I use to describe my guest today are creative genius, powerhouse entrepreneur, generosity, devotion and honesty. Diem Fuggersberger’s life is a remarkable and inspiring one, having transformed her life from no money to building a multi-million dollar sustainable business with integrity and fearlessness. Introducing Diem Fuggersberger, the CEO and founder of the incredibly successful junior foodies range, Coco & Lucas.

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Conversations with Purrr episode 10 – the pain of regret. Lessons from the dying.

With my gorgeous brother Lewis in town I am inspired to share with you the story of Mary and Kate - two elderly residents of a hospice where Lewis and I used to volunteer. Consumed by the guilt, frustration and sorrow of our grandmother’s long and drawn-out decline, we volunteered our time at the hospice. We wanted to face our own fears around death and dying. Occasionally profound conversations emerged, often with a common theme. Nearly all of the residents harboured regrets. It was regret for the things they did not do that left them the most heartbroken. Over a cup of Tiger Purrr chai, I share lessons from the dying and how profoundly this calls for living a life free of regrets.

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Conversation with Purrr podcast episode with Pauline Nguyen & Fred Schebesta – Remarkability commands attention

There are certain people who are here to push the boundaries, to be extraordinary and set the vision for where the world is going. One of those remarkable people is my guest today, Fred Schebesta, a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of Finder, the most innovative and comprehensive money app in Australia. Fred is a world-famous entrepreneur known for his out-of-the-box thinking and quirky persona. He encourages people to make mistakes, try new things, push the boundaries and be uncomfortable. Because when there is permission to fail, there is the potential to grow and the opportunity to achieve remarkable success.

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Conversations with Purrr with Pauline Nguyen – The Power of Intentions, Nature's Medicine and Being a Perpetual Student of Life

In this solo episode, I share why I believe the best medicine in the world is Nature’s medicine. My morning routine may not be for everyone, but it is an important discipline for me. Discipline come from the word disciple - a perpetual student of life. I share why I wake at 4am - when my melatonin levels are at their highest and the doors to quantum dimensions are the most open.

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Conversations with Purrr with Pauline Nguyen and special guest Ben Handler

Ben was the co-founder of Australia’s largest buyers’ agency, Cohen Handler. After exceeding his initial goals and obtaining enormous success with Cohen Handler, Ben’s soul called him elsewhere. Through a huge process of transformation, letting go of his ego, and being willing to trust and face his fears, Ben launched Buyer’s Agent Institute (BAI). BAI provides training to help people turn buying property into a career. Not only a new career but a complete life transformation.

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Conversation with Purrr episode Pauline Nguyen – rewriting spirituality and stepping into your power

In this episode, Pauline invites you to throw out your old ideas and paradigms of what spirituality is as she explores the essence of spirituality. Spirituality is a pre-eminent path to mastery, to achieve your boldest goals and awaken your infinite potential. Spirituality is about living our truth. Snatching our power back. Becoming the grandest version of the greatest vision we hold of ourselves.

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Dr Catriona Wallace has been acknowledged as one of the country’s preeminent scientists and experts in the field of artificial intelligence and the metaverse. Today Catriona has been able to step into a life that deeply entwines her training and knowledge in AI with her spirituality and training as a Shamanic healer. Catriona believes that sharing knowledge about the responsible use of technology is her true calling.

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Conversations with Purrr with Pauline Nguyen and special guest Jonar Nader

Jonar Nader is known as the world’s only post-tentative virtual surrealist. He is an author, journalist, lecturer, futurist, consultant and corporate/social warrior. He leads with his expertise in technology, management, leadership, teamwork, sales excellence and staff empowerment. Jonar pushes the boundaries and disrupts the ordinary every day. He is the founder of consulting agency Logictivity and consults with corporations and governments across the globe.

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Conversations with Purrr podcast guest Matt Purcell

Matt is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, the recipient of the Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award and was nominated for Australian of the Year. He is the founder of top podcast The Examined Life where he gets personal with some of Australia’s most inspiring and recognisable people, talking business, leadership, mental health, spirituality, relationships and much more. Matt is also the co-founder of Mentored Media which represents some of the top brands and personalities in Australia.

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Tiger Purrr podcast guest Alan La

Known as the modern-day Bruce Lee, Alan is a hall of fame martial artist, best-selling author and Founder of Invincible Worldwide, a global movement with over 100,000 followers. Through world-class training and programs, he empowers heart-centred heroes, teaching not just physical strength, but the strength of mind, heart and spirit. 

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Tiger Purrr podcast guest Alistair Trung

Alistair Trung is an Australian/Vietnamese creative and self-described 'cloth addict'. Defying prescribed ideologies of age, body, gender and beauty, Alistair believes in designing clothing that is trans-seasonal, trans-occasional, trans-age, trans-size and trans-gender.

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