I have such a deep love for my very special guest today, Tom Cronin, otherwise known as the King of Calm. Tom is the author of six books, all written with the common theme of magnifying human potential through the practice of meditation. As the founder of The Stillness Project, Tom created a global movement to inspire one billion people to sit in stillness daily, believing this is the key to reducing stress and chaos in people's lives. 

Dedicated to making the world a better place, Tom also produced The Portal, an award winning documentary created as part of a bold, global vision to overcome the chronic levels of anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma that we are facing today. He is a teacher, speaker, corporate trainer, and an internationally renowned conscious leadership expert and it gives me great joy to share this inspiring conversation with you today. 

Tom reflects on his early days in the wild world of finance in the late 80s. Living the high life fuelled by alcohol and drugs, Tom’s mental state quickly spiralled into panic attacks, insomnia and a deep, dark depression which culminated in a full-blown nervous breakdown in his late twenties. Then he discovered the power of meditation. Tom shares how this completely turned his life around, removing his stress response so that he could be fully engaged and present. 

In our modern lives, the importance of ancient practices such as meditation is often overlooked. Tom shares how meditation can be a powerful tool to heal, bring inner transformation and foster conscious awareness into our lives. We talk about the two stages in our spiritual journey - the Yogi phase where we cultivate consciousness and Rishi, where we are inspired to help others experience what we have discovered. This is conscious leadership. 

We also explore the concept of transitioning from the age of Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga, representing a shift in paradigms that underscores Tom’s entire ethos. He talks about how this plays out in his mission to help individuals and businesses cultivate awareness and create a global impact for the better. 

Tom shares about the joyful and challenging process of letting go to become more of who you are, your divine self and his dedication to nurturing joy and simplicity in everyday life. 

I know you are going to love Tom’s refreshing perspective on life as he shares his insights into conscious leadership, inner transformation, and the pursuit of joy. His dedication to helping others access their consciousness and embrace holistic well-being is truly commendable and unceasingly inspiring.

Topics Discussed


Pauline introduces Tom Cronin and The Portal.


Tom reflects on his early days as finance broker, fuelled by drugs and alcohol.


How Tom’s mental state spiralled into a nervous breakdown.


When Tom discovered transcendental meditation and how it changed his life.


Tom explains the transition from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga.


The exponential shift into awareness.


2023 is the year of the spiritualist.


Tom talks about letting go of the layers and allowing the divine to shine through.


The two stages in Vedic tradition - Yogi and Rishi.


Navigating the path of conscious leadership and shifting paradigms.


Tom talks about his wife and children and their impact on his life.


Scaling the impact of retreats and Tom’s upcoming Alchemy retreat.


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