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The Tiger Purrr story – founders Pauline Nguyen and Emma Scott

Our Story

It was in November 2020, at a Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat in Byron Bay, in the midst of a global pandemic, that two friends heard the first sounds of the Tiger’s Purrr.

Pauline Nguyen (a highly awarded and celebrated taste maker, restaurateur, international speaker, author, developmental coach and shaman) and Emma Scott (a brand strategist and multi-award winning designer) shared a common bond: the deep need to create something of exquisite quality, something uniquely flavoursome, something anti-ordinary.

The two friends are monomaniacal about the things that matter most.

Their obsession, in that location, in that space and time: to create a premium chai that represented the essence of who they were.
Repulsed by the plethora of sickly sweet, powdered, chemical-laden chai they had consumed in their travels, they concocted something extraordinary. Something of rare craftsmanship. Something of restrained elegance. Something that respected the generations before them. Something oh so delicious.

When Pauline coyly asked Emma, “have you ever tried activated chai?”, both jumped up from their seats with excitement and a deep knowingness. This day, this hour, this moment, was the birth of Tiger Purrr.

With a combined 45 years of entrepreneurial stripes earned, Tiger Purrr came to be. Anti-ordinary chai for those who understand flavour, discern quality and appreciate purity. A fiercely elegant recipe crafted with the expertise of Mark Jensen, the master chef behind Red Lantern, the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world.

Tiger Purrr is an impossibly delicious blend of integral flavours, that provides a slow-release positive charge to support stamina and flow; allowing the courageous outliers of the world to go out, create and be the change they want to see in the world.