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Anti-ordinary chai for anti-ordinary human beings

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tiger purrr chai tea

The tale behind Tiger Purrr

we set out to make a premium chai of mesmerising contrasts. flavours fierce but elegant. exotic asian ingredients, sourced from jungle to mountain. every sip leaves you feeling pure and energised.

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bespoke blend | chef crafted

Have you heard the one about the chai lover who walked into a chef’s kitchen? It’s not a joke, it’s our brand story.

Tiger Purrr chai is meticulously crafted by the taste-maker of the world’s most awarded Vietnamese restaurant, Red Lantern — famous for its delicious clash of the authentic and the experimental.

serving anti-ordinary chai tea

Welcome to the slow buzz

Unlike coffee which sledgehammers your body with caffeine, Tiger Purrr chai is all about that pure, slow-release caffeine that gives you sustained stamina to do your thing, whatever it is. While it’s not decaf, it’s a deliciously gentle buzz.

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shamanically activated chai tea

for a positive charge

Pauline Nguyen, our co-founder and one of the visionary tastemakers behind the acclaimed Red Lantern restaurant, imbues all our pure ingredients with a positive charge, activating them for better digestion and absorption. You’ll feel it from sip to soul.

Tiger Purrr anti-ordinary chai tea canisters

Proudly small

The “Big chai” industry churns out cheap powder and concentrate to satisfy the masses. Not our cuppa tea. We’re proudly small batch and obsessed with premium quality, thoughtfully sourced ingredients. We only use authentic ctc (cut, tear and curl) grade Assam tea and hand roast all our spices.

Anti-ordinary in every way

we're taking a stand against the negative practices of the "big chai" industry. that's why we're anti-artificial, anti-preservatives, anti-additives, anti-single use tea bag packaging, anti-pesticides and anti-concentrate. we keep things pure. it's what we leave out that makes us stand out.

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