As the calendar clicks over to a new year, many of us embark on the tradition of crafting resolutions, outlining ambitious goals and aspirations for the year ahead. With this lens of outcome and destination, we often overlook the journey.

What if this year we shift our lens to a way of being (not doing) and connect with purpose and set intentions for ourselves that deeply align to our values and how we want to feel every day?

Being intentional and mindful about how we want to feel cultivates a positivity and fulfilment across all aspects of life – emotionally, mentally, physically, and socially. Taking the time to connect to how we want to feel empowers us to take a more active role in our sense of balance and well-being, and we can live more authentically according to our own values and aspirations.

Find your own purrr

Setting an intention for how you want to feel and creating a clear sense of purpose is a good place to start when cultivating a way of being. It is also practiced by those people living in the “blue zone;” those regions around the world where people are known to live longer, healthier lives compared to the global average. The term “blue zone” was coined by Dan Buettner, a National Geographic Fellow and author.

The common elements across each blue zone include living with a sense of purpose, supportive communities, strong social connections, a plant-based diet and regular physical activity. But living with greater emotional connections and a sense of purpose requires first identifying connections and purpose that are meaningful to you. Not a purpose you think you should have nor connections that don’t light you up.

Tiger Purrr - as a brand - celebrates deep self-connection and living an authentic, purposeful life. We believe in daily intention setting and our philosophy closely aligns to those blue zone communities.

Our tea making ritual promotes mindfulness and a sense of presence and tranquillity as we slow down, tap into our senses - from the aroma of the spices, the warmth of the pot to the delicious flavours, and we savour the moment. The slower pace and rich sensory experience leads to a pause - a pause that allows reflection on the potential distance between how we want to feel and how we actually feel. That pause becomes a powerful daily check-in to help us pivot back to how we want to feel and our true self-being.

Setting your intentions for the new year with Tiger Purrr chai

There are many reasons why we fall off our true-self course. From stress, busyness, toxic overload, inadequate sleep, to fears and self-criticism, it becomes a daily fight to stay on course.

By setting up a daily Tiger Purrr chai tea ritual with all the benefits of our natural, clean ingredients and taking a precious moment to pause between our purrs, we can course correct more fluidly and create not only a purposeful start to the year, but a long and fulfilled life.

Tiger Purrr chai