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Tiger Purrr chai energy boost
Three reasons why chai is a great natural energy booster
May 07, 2023
Are you feeling a little sluggish lately? Need an extra boost to power through your...
Chai lover Vic Volpe from Fox Wardobes
Chai Lovers of the World – with Vic Volpe
May 07, 2023
Tiger Purrr Chai Lover: Vic Volpe Where do you live? Collaroy Plateau on the northern beaches,...
Tattoo artists and Tiger Purrr lovers Charlie Lund & Josh Marx
Couples that Purrr Together – with Charlie Lund & Josh Marx
May 02, 2023
Tiger Purrr Chai Lovers: Charlie Lund & Josh Marx Where do you live? We both live at...
Authentic chai by Tiger Purrr made with pure natural ingredients
What Determines a Great Chai from a Bad Chai?
Apr 29, 2023
Did you know that the main reason why we created Tiger Purrr in the first...
Chai lovers of the world – Jennifer Spark
Chai Lovers of the World – with Jennifer Spark
Apr 18, 2023
  Tiger Purrr Chai Lover: Jennifer Spark Where do you live? I live on a beautiful...
Tiger Purrr chai made from the purist natural ingredients
Roar Power: How Tiger Purrr Chai Tea Packs a Punch
Apr 11, 2023
Just like a tiger's roar, the bold and powerful flavour of Tiger Purrr Chai commands...
Chai Lovers of the World – Irene Cassiotis
Chai Lovers of the World – Irene Cassiotis
Apr 04, 2023
  Tiger Purrr Chai Lover: Irene Cassiotis Where do you live? Sydney, Australia What do you...
Tiger Purrr chai is made from pure natural ingredients
Pure chai vs artificial chai: What's the difference?
Mar 26, 2023
We created Tiger Purrr chai tea because we were simply repulsed by the plethora of...
Do you want to know the secret to how us Tigers gain our second wind in the most gentle and elegant way, so that we can continue to create throughout our day?
Afternoon exhaustion?
Mar 17, 2023
The Secret Second Wind Second Wind (Definition)A return of strength or energy that makes it...
Maritza Barone shares how she Tiger Purrr chais
Chai Lovers of the World – with Maritza Barone
Mar 14, 2023
  Tiger Purrr Chai Lover: Maritza Barone Where do you live? Chasing the sun on the...
Tiger Purrr chai launch event at Red Lantern restaurant in collaboration with The Luxury Network
Tiger Purrr chai launches to the world
Mar 05, 2023
It's been three years in the making... crafting, testing, tweaking, curating, crafting, testing and creating...
5 health benefits of drinking Tiger Purrr chai
5 Health Benefits of drinking Tiger Purrr Chai Tea
Feb 26, 2023
Looking for a warming, delicious tea that provides great health benefits at the same time?...
Each batch of our Tiger Purrr chai is shamanically activated by our co-founder Pauline Nguyen
Why we shamanically activate our Tiger Purrr Chai
May 23, 2022
‘You are what you eat’ has a deeper spiritual significance for us at Tiger Purrr....
How Tiger Purrr brings out your purrr
How Tiger Purrr brings out your purrr
Apr 24, 2022
We’re taking a stand against the practices of the global “big chai” industry. An industry...