Did you know that the main reason why we created Tiger Purrr in the first place was because we were sick and tired of drinking bad chai. Literally. Bad chai made us sick, and it made us tired.

First rule of Tiger Club

Stay away from fake chai! You know, that powdered stuff that’s sweetened with artificial sweeteners and ladened with additives and fillers.

Ok, now that we got that first cardinal rule out the way, let’s talk about the other factors that determine a great chai from a bad chai.

From the taste makers, a great chai must…

⭐️  be produced with premium ingredients carefully crafted by masters of their craft.

⭐️  have premium grade tea leaves and fresh fragrant spices to produce a superior chai every time.

⭐️  have well researched health benefits. Each ingredient is treated to specification to enhance its natural purpose.

⭐️  sing with balance and a harmony flavours. The flavours are bold and intelligent and true with no one flavour dominating another.

⭐️  be pure with no artificial sweeteners, flavours or fillers. No powdered chai is good chai. Stick to the real stuff only.

And for the chai drinker at home, once you have a great quality chai made with integral flavours and pure premium ingredients like Tiger Purrr Chai, you can experiment and drink it any way your heart desires.

Making chai

Black chai

For straight black chai, we recommend water is boiled at 90 degree Celsius / 195 degree Fahrenheit and steep time of 3 minutes. Watch the video instructions.

Chai with milk

For chai with milk cooked on the stove, we recommend heating one heaped teaspoon of loose leaf Tiger Purrr chai and 200mls of oat milk in a saucepan. Turn off the heat just before it boils, infuse for 3 minutes, strain and then savour the flavour.

For chai with milk using frothing wand, we recommend mixing one heaped teaspoon of Tiger Purrr chai and 200mls of oat milk in a jug. Next use the steam wand on your espresso machine to warm up to 65c. Steep for 3 minutes, strain then serve.

For sweetness we recommend a little pure honey.

Stay tuned for some exciting Tiger Purrr Chai recipes to come!

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