Just like a tiger's roar, the bold and powerful flavour of Tiger Purrr Chai commands attention.

Eleanor from Tribeca New York tells us…

“I adore your Tiger Purrr chai tea! Upon taking a sip, I couldn't help but let out a purr of my own. The combination of various spices was a joy to my tongue, and I especially loved the hint of star anise and fennel – flavours I have avoided in the past. I plan to share with friends this Sunday at a brunch.” 🐯

If you are a fan of chai tea...

you will know that it can be a delicious drink served hot or ice cold. But did you know that chai tea is also a powerful pick-me-up that can get you purrring into your second wind?

One of the reasons for this is the carefully crafted recipe of our unique chai tea. Whether you're looking for an alternative to coffee or just need a little extra boost to start your day, Tiger Purrr chai tea is the roar power that you need.

So, what makes Tiger Purrr chai so PowerFULL? It all comes down to the blend of ingredients that make it so delicious. Traditionally, chai tea is made with black tea and a blend of spices, including cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cloves. Well, we’ve added our own special ingredients of angelica root, star anise and szechuan pepper to give its distinctive flavour and aroma. Tiger Purrr also happens to be packed with health benefits.

Cinnamon, for example, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, while ginger is a natural digestive aid. Cardamom has been shown to help lower blood pressure, and cloves are known for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Together, these spices create a deliciously powerfull blend that can do wonders for your body, mind and spirit.

So, the next time you need a little extra spring in your step, and a purr in your belly, make yourself a cup of Tiger Purrr chai tea. With its bold, powerful flavour and health-boosting properties, it's the perfect way enjoy the power of the roar.

Tiger Purrr chai – made from pure natural ingredients

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Tiger Purrr chai