We created Tiger Purrr chai tea because we were simply repulsed by the plethora of sickly sweet, powdered, chemical laden chai consumed on our travels. We wanted to concoct something extraordinary. Something of rare craftmanship. Something of restrained elegance. Something that respected the generations before us. Something oh so delicious.

And then… Tiger Purrr was born. 🐯

Understanding the key differences between pure chai and artificial chai

You may be wondering, what’s the difference between pure chai tea and artificial chai tea. Understanding the key differences between pure chai and artificial chai can help you make a more informed decision about which type of chai tea to choose.

Pure chai, also known as traditional chai is made from a blend of black tea and spices. The exact spice combination may vary by region and recipe, but typically includes cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cloves. Our unique Tiger Purrr recipe also includes Szechuan pepper, fennel, star anise and angelica root.

The most important thing to remember about pure chai is that it is made from all-natural ingredients. There are no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners added to the blend. This means you're getting the most natural drink possible, with all the associated health benefits.

Anti-artificial flavours and sweeteners

Artificial chai, on the other hand, is made with artificial flavours and sweeteners. These include vanilla flavouring, artificial cinnamon flavouring, high fructose corn syrup – the list is endless.

Artificial chai can be delicious if you like it fake, but it's important to note that the powdered chai or chai concentrates do not provide the same health benefits as Pure Chai.

Let's be honest, we hate powdery things. We think powdered chai should be called ‘Terrible Chai’.

Chai companies massacre their spices and teas into a fine powder. This kills the ingredients, because it greatly increases the surface area, exposing more of the spice's aromatic compounds to the air and rapidly oxidising the remaining ingredients. And then they instruct you to stir them into milk or water. Did you know that over 70% of the ingredients in chai powders are sugar and artificial ingredients? Commercial powdered spices are mostly made from cheap, low-quality spices that have been sitting on the factory shelf for a very long time.

Whole tea, and whole spice on the other hand, retains its integrity, quality, flavour and aroma. 

Ultimately, choosing between pure and artificial chai is a matter of personal preference.

But one thing is for certain….

Instant artificial chai will provide instant disappointment for the true Pure Chai Lover.

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