There is a serene beauty in the first purrr of the morning, when the sun rises, and the world awakens. But for a lot of us, we miss it. We choose to begin the day in a rush with a quick cup of coffee or two to kick start the day. While coffee has its benefits, there is something to be said about starting the day mindfully; connected to self with reflection and intention over a chai tea ritual. 

It's all in the ritual

The benefits of a chai tea ritual go beyond simply preparing and enjoying a cup of chai tea. The purrr comes from creating a mindful and intentional practice that brings connection, inner calm and gratitude traditional to the act of making and savouring tea. 

Tea rituals have been an integral part of many cultures for centuries; and they hold profound wisdom that can offer insights into mindfulness, connection and well-being. Traditionally, tea rituals are respected practices, like disciplines, which are linked to the philosophies of balance, harmony, fulfilment and enjoyment. 

A morning chai tea ritual encourages us to slow down – to create a space to breathe, to be present in the moment and to fully engage our senses.  And most importantly, to set our intentions for the day.

We do not have an attention deficit disorder, we have an intention deficit disorder. The first law of the universe is the Law of Intention. 

A multi-sensory experience

Tiger Purrr Chai tea, with its unique chef crafted combination of spices activates a multi-sensory experience: 

• the delicious aroma of Tiger Purrr spices (both before and after adding the oat milk or water) 

• watching the tea and spices dance together as they are gently heated 

• the warmth of the chai tea as it is cupped in your hands  

• the exotic smooth taste as it is sipped consciously, savouring the moment and creating a sense of calm and invigoration at the same time.

Delicious Tiger Purrr chai with Pauline Nguyen and Mark Jensen

Along with the healing properties specifically related to the carefully selected ingredients (like ginger and cinnamon’s antimicrobial benefits) the Tiger Purrr chai tea ritual in itself calms the nervous system and can trigger a ‘relaxation response’ of slowed breathing and a reduced heartrate that allows for sharper focus as more healthy blood is sent to important organs like the brain. 

Slowing down makes us go faster 

Counterintuitive? It absolutely is. Slowing down can be a faster way to achieving our goals. This is because slowing down can lead to clearer thinking, deeper connection (to self and others) and improved mental health. 

So many of us are sprinting to keep still. There is a real ‘time urgency’ in our world today. From the minute we wake, for many of us, there is a desire to keep up with the modern world of instantaneous communications and 24/7 machine production. In trying to keep up with such pace we lose connection, purpose and meaning. What so often results is increased anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, muscle tension and pain, heart disease and a reduced quality of life. 

Carving out time and embracing a chai tea ritual every morning can cultivate mindfulness, a deeper connection to self as well as others, and a true sense of well-being simply through the act of making and enjoying tea. 

Tiger Purrr chai

Find meaning and purpose in everyday rituals and bring out your purrr with Tiger Purrr Chai Tea.

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Tiger Purrr chai