In a world where compliance and conformity to social norms is mainstream, there is a quiet revolution taking place, and it is one that celebrates the beauty and power in being anti-ordinary. It’s all about rejecting the “norm” and embracing individuality, being true to self, and connecting to our reason for being.

While choosing ‘non-conformity’ and embracing uniqueness sounds enchanting, it takes courage to be different. But being ‘non-conformist’ isn’t about actively being different. It is about being authentic.

What is authenticity?

Putting it simply, authenticity means constantly living (thinking, feeling and behaving) in line with your true self; with your values and your spirit, regardless of the pressure you feel to conform or act otherwise.

Authenticity is being in touch with self. To be able to act on your awareness of self in relation to the environment. Authenticity is not people pleasing. It is not saying ‘yes’ when you want to say ‘no.’ Authenticity is not betraying yourself.

Being anti-ordinary and being authentic takes courage. Because living in line with you and being true to what you know is right (in your head, in your heart and in your gut) often means you have to go against the norm, the ‘ordinary’.

Forge your own Purrr...

Embracing your own uniqueness and being truly authentic to yourself requires honest self-reflection and self-awareness. And that long hard walk down the long hall of mirrors can be daunting. Because often what we see, when we really shine a light on ourselves, are behavioural patterns that we have clung to so tightly in order to survive.

The Beauty of being anti-ordinary by Tiger Purrr

And because these patterns of behaviour make us feel safe, we allow these patterns to shape how we think, how we respond and therefore, who we are. Typically, these patterns of behaviour do not serve our true self. They serve to please others because we have developed an unconscious belief that in pleasing others, we are safe.

Discovering ‘self’ often presents a surprise self-awakening. We come to realise that there is a disconnect between how we envisage ourselves (what we perceive our values and truth to be) and how we truly live, especially if we have evolved from the basic need of survival – even when those old fear-based patterns no longer serve us.

Connecting to self and living with authenticity requires a process of self-discipline. We need to stop and ask ourselves: what do I truly believe? What are my values? Are my beliefs, values and convictions influenced by external factors (the needs of others, society norms and social institutions)? And are those beliefs and values outdated? Are those beliefs and values even mine?

Where there is a gap between who and how we want to ‘be’ (our evolved self-vision) and who we actually are (our real self) there is an opportunity for true self-design. This is the process of actively, and with full consciousness, committing to you; to your spirit, your authentic values and your being.

Not to be confused with self-care which are acts of kindness to self, self-truth and choosing to be authentic is a whole and consistent way of being, irrespective of anyone or anything else. It is only from this place of true authenticity that you can realise your true and full potential. When you start to trust yourself and do what you know is right, you start to take control of your life.

When you do what is right for you, you reduce your stress and find your inner power because your whole self (your intellect, physical body, emotional-self and spiritual self) works in harmony. Being someone you are not leads to incongruence and a deep sense of self-disconnect. This in turn leads to dis-ease and then ultimately, disease.

Your unique Purrr needs to be both protected and celebrated. Living in connection to your inner values, in spirit and inspired, is the key to embracing your anti-ordinary life. And in the words of American novelist Jack Kerouac ‘when writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.”

The Beauty of being anti-ordinary by Tiger Purrr

The team at Tiger Purrr fiercely value anti-ordinary. 

Our philosophy is all about connecting to your inner power and being boldly, and gracefully, true to you. This philosophy governed the chai making process taken by our multi-award winning chef in the deliberate unique blend of natural spices.

The unique flavours and properties of each spice remains unique (and true to ‘itself’) despite being blended with other spices. No one spice conforms to another. No one spice loses its unique Purrr, rather the flavour of each spice comes through in delicate harmony with all the other spices.

And we think that’s a perfect recipe for life.

The Beauty of being anti-ordinary by Tiger Purrr

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