Clean living is not just about what you eat; it’s also about how you eat, the wider “energy” you ingest and the environment you create for yourself. Ultimately, clean living comes down to consciousness, being self-aware, in-tune and able to perceive and experience the world around you.

Clean energy to fuel your purrr...

The team at Tiger Purrr is acutely aware of the dichotomy of eating clean and mindfully (or arguably, mind-less-ly) in today’s glorified multi-tasking and fast paced life. So many of us want to do more than eat clean, pure foods. We also want to practice conscious nourishment.

We want to slow down. We are educated and we know that eating slowly, blessing our food and savouring the colours, textures and flavours can lead to a range of health benefits from better digestion and weight management to reduced stress, increased calm and mental clarity and performance.

But so often, before we stop and think about it, we have made choices that align with ‘the fastest’ and ‘the easiest’ and in that choice of convenience, where speed has trumped clean and mindful, we lose out on the health benefits of real nourishment and healthy body fuelling.

We ingest so much more than food alone, but are we consciously considering the quality of the water that we drink, the quality of the air that we breathe or the light we surround ourselves in? Do we slow down sufficiently to consider the quality of the relationships we foster, the conversations we have, the entertainment we engage in or the type of data we absorb?

We become our environment, and our environment becomes us. We become our associations and our associations become us. We must choose them well.

The power of clean: how small changes can have big health benefits

Tiger Purrr makes it easier to choose...

Our chai tea fits perfectly in an ‘on’ way of life. Making a delicious Tiger Purrr chai takes the same time and energy as making a coffee or pot of tea. And because Tiger Purrr uses only pure, clean and nutrient rich ingredients (which as well as being natural are also deliberately selected to provide a sustained release of energy) our chai tea enables a clean energy option.

The delicate blend of ingredients in our chai tea has been hand crafted based on flavour and meticulous function – and this is the magic that gives Tiger Purrr real power.

Tiger Purrr chai is made from Assam Orange Pekoe Organic Black Tea. Orange Pekoe is the most premium of Assam tea. We have consciously chosen the more traditional and superior Assam Orthodox style instead of the standard Assam Cut Tear Curl (CTC). These two production methods are the most popular in the Indian tea market with Orthodox produced to preserve singular virtues of tea leaves compared to CTC which is a fast production of homogenised teas.

Orthodox teas are harvested in a traditional method and hence, their production is time-consuming and needs immense manpower. These blends are processed by hand to get the whole leaves. The process includes:

\ Withering of the leaves to create greater surface area

\ Rolling of the withered leaves to allow for chemical release

\ Oxidation to get the reddish-brown colour of the leaves

\ Firing to produce the final dried Orthodox tea leaves

The whole process of producing Orthodox teas is managed by a trained professional to ensure the best flavours are extracted from the leaves.

As compared to CTC blends, Orthodox teas produce a cleaner and more authentic tea experience, not to mention the scientific benefits.

Science backed purrr 

Orange Pekoe enables a sustained energy release due to its caffeine and very rare amino acid; L-theanine. L-theanine is found in only 2 places in nature; in tea and a rare edible mushroom species called Bay Bolete.

L-theanine increases alpha activity in the brain which can improve focus and alertness, and scientists believe that this is achieved because L-theanine increases the action of neurotransmitters including dopamine, serotonin and GABA.

More than focus and alertness, orange pekoe offers a wide range of health benefits including

\ Improved gut heath (thanks to polyphenols and antimicrobial properties)

\ Prevention of cancer (due to antioxidants)

\ Reduced heart-related disease (because of flavonoids)

In conjunction with the other natural ingredients (including ginger, cassia and angelica root) Tiger Purrr chai tea offers a nutrient rich energy drink that is so refreshingly healthy. But more than a delicious and clean chai, Tiger Purrr is a philosophy for which our practices (and products) encourage inner connectedness, poise and calm.

We believe that your inner power – your unique purrr – grows when you are clean, calm and making conscious decisions.

We encourage you to breathe. We encourage you to put the brakes on ‘fast-fast-fast’ routines. And we encourage you to savour and appreciate yourself and the beautiful world around you.

We know that drinking Tiger Purrr chai tea – as a practice – is a beautiful way to achieve clean energy as well as poise, calm and inner power.

Tap into your inner purrr and click below to order Tiger Purrr Chai Tea today.

Tap into your inner purrr and click below to order Tiger Purrr Chai Tea today