Today's conversation is one that truly touched my heart. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the ever creative Rachael Coopes, author, actor, writer, yoga and mindfulness educator, mother and much loved Play School presenter.

As Rachael shares her experiences of stumbling upon yoga and meditation, finding strength in life's battles, and the magic of nostalgia, I was captivated by her authenticity and wisdom and I am certain you will be too.

Rachael's journey into the world of yoga and meditation is nothing short of serendipitous. At the tender age of 18, she found solace in books recommended by a psychiatrist, and there, her love affair with yoga and meditation began.

As we talk about life's challenges, Rachael's words resonate deeply within me. The concept of taking action in every moment, even when faced with uncertainties and struggles, is a powerful reminder of our resilience as human beings. She beautifully shares how life isn't always neat and tidy, but it is through those messy moments that we discover our true selves and grow. It's like being on a battlefield, where every action counts.

Paris for Beginners, Rachael's recent memoir, becomes the centrepiece of our conversation. We journey through her transformative years in Paris, where she studied acting and found herself on the precipice of adulthood. The magic lies in revisiting the past, exploring nostalgia through the lens of a city that once shaped her identity. 

Rachael's ability to share her vulnerability and flaws has been a powerful tool in her creative journey. In her refreshingly authentic way, Rachael talks about the challenges of motherhood and how they are interwoven with moments of life’s purest joy. We also reflect on Rachael’s journey with Play School, and her award winning book, Find Your Strength, which is an incredibly wise, witty and practical manual on becoming a warrior to thrive on the battlefield of life. 

This inspiring conversation left me with a profound sense of inspiration and gratitude. Her authenticity and creativity inspire me to continue to embrace life's messiness and find strength within myself. It's a beautiful reminder that we are all connected by something vast and kind.

Topics Discussed


Pauline introduces Rachael Coopes and her diverse career including being a much loved Play School presenter.


Rachael shares her definition of being a creative.


The deep relationship Rachael feels with nature and how she craves this connection.


Rachel's passion for empowering people through storytelling.


Pauline explores Rachael's lifelong journey as a yogi and her fascination with the ancient wisdom.


Rachael talks about her experience as a presenter on Play School.


Rachael unpacks some of the challenges she has faced in motherhood and the growth she has experienced.


The writing process behind Rachel's book "Find Your Strength".


Rachel's upcoming book "Paris for Beginners" and its inspiration.


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