I have a real treat for you today. Ever since our first encounter at Red Lantern over six years ago, I have been secretly admiring my guest for you today and I can’t wait to bring you this empowering conversation.
Introducing Natalie Ledwell!

Natalie is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, sought-after speaker, television host, and podcaster. She is a trailblazer who is working hard to consistently drive humanity forward with her latest endeavour, Personal Growth Studies, a remarkable curriculum aimed at underprivileged children. This program focuses on establishing a solid foundation of personal development and emotional intelligence through addressing prevalent issues such as bullying, self-harm, and anxiety.

Natalie’s qualities of courage, innovation, independence, rule-breaking, and a thirst for adventure shine through in our conversation and throughout her journey. She is truly an exceptional individual who manifests her desires with incredible prowess. Natalie's mission takes her to various corners of the world, where she teaches people to transform the unseen into something tangible.
Natalie's newest podcast, titled Not Over, Just Different is for women like myself who are navigating the next chapter of life, featuring profound and candid conversations on various topics including health, graceful aging, spirituality, personal development, love, divorce, relationships, financial literacy, and career.
On top of all of this, Natalie is the founder of Mind Movies! Their mission is to transform the world on an individual level by assisting people in identifying their desires and empowering them to manifest them into their lives through online personal development programs and software.

In this conversation, Natalie candidly talks about her childhood, her own personal and professional development story, the beginning of Mind Movies, her coaching programs and retreats, how she has developed her new program Personal Growth Studies, for underprivileged children, and so much more.
So, sit back with a steaming hot cup of tea and listen to how Natalie’s journey challenged the mainstream to create her own unique path. She encourages all of us not to shy away from telling our own stories to others. Open up with honesty and authenticity and you’ll encourage everyone listening to find their own meaning and remember your words.

Topics Discussed


Natalie discusses her home in LA and her journey to living in the US from Australia.


Natalie talks about growing up in Orange in Australia, her family and her childhood. She describes herself as a square peg trying to fit in a round hole and how she absolutely loved having 7 siblings and belonging to such a big family.


Natalie started managing fitness studios at 21 after roles as a bank teller and aerobics instructor. She then moved onto the night club industry. There is no challenge that she shys away from, even at a young age.


Natalie discusses Mind Movies and using it as a tool for manifesting. Mind Movies has software that makes it super easy for people to make movies for themselves of how they want their future to be.


Natalie explains how Mind Movies works and the incredible benefits of such a powerful visualisation tool.


Natalie discusses her coaching programs, masterclasses and retreats. Together we explore the Law of Attraction and share examples.


Natalie shares her philanthropic work and her new program Personal Growth Studies for underprivileged children.


We talk about Natalie’s TV show program, Wake Up TV!, and her fictional book, Never in your wildest dreams.


Natalie talks about her podcast Not Over, Just Different. She realised that a lot of women don't talk about sex at this age or hormone changes and menopause or what it's like to be 53 and dating in LA, so she wanted to start a conversation publicly and normalise it.


Jack Canfield started the TLC (Transformational Leadership Council) group in 2004. The Secret was actually filmed at a TLC meeting. Natalie shares founding the Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL) and bringing in different speakers to share their own perspectives and voices.


Natalie talks about meeting her boyfriend during Covid and living in California. She talks about her boyfriend’s political leanings and how she has learned to have engaging and deeply expanding conversations around different topics.


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