I’m back again today with the wonderful David Chiem for Part 2 of our profound conversation about the champion mindset. If you haven’t already listened to part 1 of this conversation, make sure you go back and listen to hear profound wisdom on this topic from David.

David is the founder, CEO, and Executive Chairman of MindChamps and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Singapore. MindChamps holds first place in premium preschools in Singapore and is the first preschool to be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

I have a deep respect for David and the way he has transferred his craft from theatre into the entrepreneurial world. David shares how his journey took form, putting his film career on hold to his calling to revolutionise the modern education system.

David reflects on the two epiphanies that sparked his passion to nurture mindset in young children. One of these moments was intellectual in nature, understanding that in order to thrive in the modern world, you need to understand the craft of learning.

The other moment that truly ignited something in David’s heart was when he was invited to speak at his old primary school, Cabramatta West Primary. David talks about the steps he took after this to gather the solid, scientific research that eventually became the foundation for the pedagogy framework applied in Mind Champs.

We dive deeper into the three mind revolution: The champion mind, the creative mind and the learning mind, and how the combination of these three is necessary for us to thrive in a fast-changing world.

In his graceful and deeply considered way, David reminds us that we must be ahead of the curve but never ahead of ourselves. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Topics Discussed


David talks about his entrance into television, starting with theatre school after completing his high school education.


David reflects on his gratitude to his parents for allowing him to pursue his passion, which shaped the person he has become.


David shares the intellectual epiphany that led him into deep research on education and eventually starting Mindchamps.


When David was invited to speak at his past school, Cabramatta West Primary, he had another epiphany when he saw the energy shift in the students.


This heartstring moment led David to put his film career on hold, transferring his knowledge and craft from the theatre world into entrepreneurship.


David talks about being cast as Hamlet and how it liberated him when the director encouraged him to speak in his own voice.


Understanding from theatre that he needed to have a clear, powerful story, David knew that he needed solid, scientific research.


Our modern society operates in silos and David talks about how education shouldn't be about mimicking, but more so about becoming.


David talks about the experts he engaged to combine education, understanding behaviour, neuroscience and the world of theatre.


Pauline summarises the three mind revolution: The champion mind, the creative mind and the learning mind.


Art is a mirror to society but art alone isn’t enough. Together with the right mindset, education is the toolbox to build the future.


David talks about the research done by Professor Allan Snyder, looking at the 5 areas of business, politics, arts, sports and science and how the champion mindset has been transferred into a pedagogy.


Sons and Daughters was a “pinch me” moment for David however he has never had an “I made it” moment because there is always so much to learn.

David shares how moments when you can truly be with somebody is what makes him purrr.
David explains why Mind Champs is so big on nurturing mindset in children in order to prepare them for the real world in the future. He shares how seeing the graduates embodying the 3 minds also makes him purrr.


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