A phrase that comes to mind when I think of my guest today is ‘freedom from rigidity’. Andrew Morello is affectionately known to many as the winner of the first Australian Apprentice in 2009, a reality show that judges the business skills of a competitive group of contestants. Wherever he focuses his energy, be it mentoring entrepreneurs or spending time with family and friends, Andrew’s unbridled energy is a force to be reckoned with.

Since his time on The Apprentice, Andrew has clocked many more achievements and accolades as an awarded entrepreneur, investor, author, advisor, speaker, coach, mentor, and proud father. Having spent 10 years working alongside highly acclaimed Australian entrepreneur, Mark Bouris, building out the Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management branch network nationally, Andrew now also sits at the head of business at The Entourage.

The Entourage is a global movement to support the success of other entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors to help them reach their full potential in business and in life. What I love about Andrew the most is that despite all his success, he remains grounded in his most magnetic and authentic self. He lives life large but never forgets where he came from and what it took to get here.

Growing up in Moonee Ponds in Northwest Melbourne, Andrew talks about being raised in an entrepreneurial environment, working from a young age in his father’s businesses. He reflects on this time with fondness and how his father's unwavering moral compass instilled in him the importance of family and integrity. He shares how he got his start in business at age 15 and his relentless pursuit of his passion.

Being raised Catholic, we talk about the role of spirituality in Andrew’s life and entrepreneurial journey and how this is an example of his anti-ordinary way of approaching life. Andrew talks about some of the influential people in his spiritual journey and the importance of surrounding yourself with conscious thinkers.

We talk about being street smart, the values that underpin every business move Andrew makes, the incredible work he does with Project Gen Z in Cambodia and much more. It was an absolute joy to dive deep into conversation with Andrew to discover what makes this extraordinary man tick.

Topics Discussed


Pauline introduces Andrew Morello and his role at The Entourage.


Nature versus nurture and how unconditional love created an environment for Andrew to be the magnetic person he is.


Andrew reflects on the lessons he learned from his father and his early exposure to running a business alongside his brother and cousins


Working in a service station taught Andrew to understand people from all walks of life and treat everyone as equals.


The importance of understanding that we’re in the business of people.


Life is all about the people we meet and what we can create with them.


Andrew talks about winning The Apprentice and the importance of preparation.


Finding people who are outside the box. Andrew talks about his Catholic priest who encouraged people into spiritualism instead of religion.


Freedom from rigidity and evolving in a conscious world.


Becoming street-wise from growing up in Moonee Ponds.


Obtaining a $10k government grant to start his first business at age 15.


Andrew reflects on the fondest years of his life running the underage nightclub.


Andrew talks about some of the people who have influenced his spiritual journey such as Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle.


How Andrew’s entrepreneurship is influenced by his spirituality and observing his brother’s journey.


Andrew talks about his son, Lion Main, and how he has a strong Morello energy.


Project Gen Z in Cambodia and the perspective this brings to our blessed life in Australia.


Andrew would love Vince Colosimo to play him in a movie.

[48:55] The biggest thing that makes Andrew purrr is the people he gets to spend time with.


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