Some people are born entrepreneurs. They are the ones who dare to listen to their hearts, follow their passions and leave their unique mark on the world no matter what. My guest today is one of these courageous beings. Aidan Walsh, founder and designer of AIDAN has an entrepreneurial story brimming with vision, resilience, and a whole lot of grit. I’m excited to share my conversation with Aidan here today so you too can be inspired by his story.

Growing up on his parents’ pearl farm in Broome, Western Australia, Aidan’s desire for adventure laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial spirit. He went against the tide of societal norms to explore multiple career paths, including backpacking after graduating from a prestigious private school, hanging out with the rich and famous as a yacht broker in Monaco, and owning a nightclub and restaurants on Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles.

Channeling this spirit of freedom, Aidan’s unorthodox path paved the way for him to find his true calling, AIDAN the Brand. We talk about the creation of AIDAN, a lifestyle luggage and accessories brand that seamlessly combines the design elements of New York with an Australian sense of adventure. He explains how the brand aims to provide not just luggage but a lifestyle, emphasising the importance of intersecting fashion, design, and culture. We talk a little deeper on solving problems through design, protecting intellectual property and the rigorous testing process behind AIDAN products.

There is power in seizing unexpected opportunities if you are willing to take them. Aidan tells the story of his serendipitous encounter which led to a pivotal moment in his entrepreneurial journey. And this journey is far from over, promising more exciting developments in the years ahead.

It might look like Aidan’s life is one extended holiday but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Aidan reflects that despite his social and charismatic demeanour, he keeps a lot of his ventures outside of AIDAN private, constantly working in the background on projects no one sees. Aidan’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of determination, creativity, and the pursuit of a life by design.

Toward the end of our conversation, Aidan shares his personal philosophy and the significance of kindness, giving back, and building meaningful relationships. Wealth and possessions come and go, but being a good person and positively impacting others are the keys to a fulfilling life.

Topics Discussed


Pauline introduces Aiden Walsh: The entrepreneur behind AIDAN.


Aidan’s unique upbringing on his family’s pearl farm and the various roles he worked in.


The dangers and wonders of pearl diving. Aidan talks about his adventurous father and the beauty of living off the land and sea.


Aidan shares how freedom is the foundation of his entrepreneurial journey and talks about his adventures as a yacht broker.


Building relationships and rapport was an integral part of being a yacht broker and Aidan shares how this has served him well in his journey.


Aidan shares the serendipitous encounter which led to a pivotal moment in his entrepreneurial journey and becoming a nightclub owner in LA.


AIDAN the brand, it’s design, aesthetic, inspiration and culture all evolve around lifestyle. We talk about solving problems through design.


Having always wanted to go into fashion, Aidan shares the lightbulb moment in Soho House the sparked the idea for fashionable luggage.


Aidan talks about his experience visiting factories in Asia, the process of trademarking, the design and aesthetic focus and sourcing different materials from all over the world.


Some people think Aidan’s life is one big holiday but he talks about how he is constantly working as an entrepreneur and often keeps things private.


Kindness begets kindness. Aidan shares how relationships are the most important thing and that kindness and generosity are the true signs of success.


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