My guest today is Steve Chapman, a high-energy, high-vibration entrepreneur on a mission to push humanity forward to think better, feel better and do better.
Steve Chapman is the CEO and Founder of Shine Drink, one of the fastest-growing beverage companies in Australia, delivering delicious and natural nootropics to energise and awaken the mind. With products available in over 6,500 outlets across Australia, the success of Shine is attributed to Steve’s hard work, persistence, discipline and dedication to his mission.

There is so much about Steve that I resonate with on a deep level. His rejection of bad energy, his serial entrepreneurship and his focus to enhance human potential is outworked with integrity, determination and purpose.

Steve’s entrepreneurial journey began at a very young age with car washes and newspaper routes, and we discuss his journey that led to his first official venture, FaceBuy. Being somewhat of a baptism by fire into the entrepreneurial world, Steve shares openly the lessons learned through this experience about ego and his need for mentorship.

It’s often said that the good is the enemy of the best, and we discuss the level of discipline that Steve has carried throughout his entrepreneurial journey. He talks about his inspirations, his mentors, what drives him to wake up every morning and his love for the entrepreneurial game.

It’s my delight to dive deeper into the outstanding mind and extraordinary journey of this quality human being today.


Topics Discussed


Pauline introduces Steve and his incredible accomplishment with Shine, one of the fastest-growing beverage companies in Australia.


Steve talks about nootropics and his journey discovering them and deciding to make a product that would appeal to a wide audience, not just people who were into biohacking.


Steve’s parents were both small business owners and from a young age, he had an entrepreneurial mind, starting businesses as a young child and eventually going down the big four accountancy route straight after high school.


Steve developed an ego to protect himself in his younger years, which he took into his first entrepreneurial venture, FaceBuy. The app got shut down due to copyright issues with Facebook and Steve talks about this journey.


During this time Steve also lost friends due to his involvement in a pyramid scheme. He shares how books such as The Obstacle Is The Way and Ego is the Enemy spoke deeply to him. He began reaching out to people to mentor him, which is when he met Dr Sam Prince.


Sam saw some elements of himself in Steve. He describes this as his baptism by fire into entrepreneurship.


Sam is Steve’s business partner with Shine. Steve talks about the different roles they play in the business, in particular, how Sam gave the business the momentum it needed to get started.


Steve loves the game of entrepreneurship, consumer brands, and products because it’s something tangible. He talks about his love for leadership, building a team and how the brand has been the centrepiece of how people think, feel and do.


Steve elaborates on his mission to rid the world of bad energy and what that means to him. Pauline shares how you need to match the vibratory frequency of something in order to understand it.


Steve talks about his philosophy behind creating numerous products, knowing there wasn’t one perfect beverage that would suit everyone. He loves the innovation process.


Hard work and persistence were key to Steve’s success. He talks about the beginning days and the dedication involved in getting the message out there about Shine, eventually getting into 500 stores within 8 months.


Steve talks about his wife, Lauren, how they met and how she got started building the h.alt milk brand, and her accomplishments with the products.


Pauline reads an article written about Steve that describes his morning routine, including getting up early, journaling, working out and meditating. Steve encourages entrepreneurs to pick the level they want to play out, which would drive their level of discipline.

Good is the enemy of the great. Steve talks about the balance of gratitude for what has been and looking for ways to do better. He shares how he sometimes gets stuck in his head and could be better at being in the present moment.
Steve relates to the archetype of Superman where he’s doing what he does from a place of love and bettering the world, whereas he used to relate more to the darkness of the Batman archetype.
The game of entrepreneurship makes Steve Chapman purrr.


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