Our universe is so vast that it’s impossible to fathom its magnitude. Amidst the infinite stars and solar systems, Earth is but one tiny, seemingly insignificant dot. So what does this say about human life?

Often we get so blind-sighted by experiences that we can’t anticipate because we’re unable to see the bigger picture. In that state of being caught unaware, stress, anxiety and overwhelm can easily consume our minds. We get stuck in tunnel vision.

There is so much more we cannot see and it’s impossible to see the bigger picture from where we’re currently standing. In this solo episode, I’m exploring what life can look like from a different perspective. When we change our worldview, we’re able to respond to life’s demands with fearlessness, grace and poise and our lives instantly fill with awe and wonder.

Time is a precious commodity and how you choose to spend it will shape the course of your life and the legacy you leave behind. So will you choose to live your life deliberately or by default?

Right down to the cellular level, our lives are filled with infinite potential. Will you actualise your true potential or will you autopilot your way through the opportunities that life throws at you?

When we embrace our mortality, we understand that time is a precious resource. We begin to design our lives consciously and let go of the constant need to control every outcome. I encourage you today to make your mark on this world with the gift of time that you have been given.

Topics Discussed


You cannot have lasting happiness until you see the big picture. Without the big picture, you can easily get blind-sighted..


It’s impossible to see the big picture from where we are so when shift perspective, our lives get filled with awe and wonder.


The universe is so vast that the world cannot fathom its magnitude. Compared to the size of the universe, the planet is seemingly insignificant.


On a cellular level, there is an enormous amount of space in and around us, existing as potential energy.


If you live to 100, how would you design your quality of life and character? Will you actualise your potential or remain comfortable and stale?


In the overall scheme, we don’t get much time. Seeing the big picture gives us the perspective of not sweating the small stuff.


When we embrace mortality we start listening to our heart more. We view our time as a precious resource, we begin to design our lives consciously, and we give up the attempt to control everything.


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