My conversation over a delicious brew of Tiger Purrr Chai today is with the irrepressible Alan La. 

Known as the modern-day Bruce Lee, Alan is a hall of fame martial artist, best-selling author and Founder of Invincible Worldwide, a global movement with over 100,000 followers. Through world-class training and programs, he empowers heart-centred heroes, teaching not just physical strength, but the strength of mind, heart and spirit. 

I first met Alan 15 years ago after the birth of my second child as I was searching for a private martial artist trainer. I wanted someone who understood not only high performance but deep performance. With two black belts myself, I understand that teaching must encompass more than just physical strength. 

This is where Alan stands out from the rest. He understands that martial arts are about self-mastery.

In our conversation, we go back to where Alan grew up, a rough neighbourhood in west Sydney close to where I was raised. We reminisce on the early days of learning martial arts and how his stages of learning progressed from amateur to artist. 

Everything with Alan is artistry, self-discovery, creativity. We talk about the parallels between martial arts and the journey of life, the lessons from the lows and how they got him to where he is now. 

We talk about tapping into timelessness, allowing creativity and artistry to flow through us, seeing beauty and absorbing lessons from everyone and every moment in life. 

Alan is a man who has achieved many great things, and yet he is unattached to them all. Moving out of ego, transcending competition and into self-mastery, he says that connection to something greater makes every moment extraordinary

Topics Discussed


Alan grew up in Sydney’s southwest in a time when drugs and gangs were rampant. His parents always made him feel protected and he didn’t get into martial arts until later.


Pauline discusses her family’s staunch belief in teaching the children how to protect themselves and the two black belts she has as a result.


Alan started martial arts at 12 years old and was scared at first but it became a journey of self-discovery. A lot of martial arts teachers lack the spiritual and personal development side.


Alan first learned Shaolin Kung Fu and after that did Taekwondo, Wing Chun and boxing. His dad taught him that the word Kung Fu means perfection through hard work.


Traditionally, martial artists were heroes who upheld righteousness. Now, martial arts is about beating others down so Alan wanted to do something different with Invincible Worldwide


The fundamental principle of Invincible Worldwide is that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can achieve great things.


The vision for Invincible Worldwide is to impact 1 million people in the next 10 years and create heart-centred heroes.


Fear is in us all but kids under 3 are fearless. Influences from parents, society and the school system teach us that we have to fit in but Alan loves to foster individuality through martial arts, conversations and processes in their academy.


Alan shares how he previously wanted to franchise but it was ego-driven. Now, he opts to remain as one high-quality HQ and share classes online to impact the masses.


Alistair makes clothing for both male and female bodies. Movement is such an important part of the process and he has instinctively created processes that allow him to create in this way.


Alan used to feel like he wasn’t enough but feels proud every day to wake up and enjoy the moments. He has many great achievements but has learned not to be attached to them.


The lessons from Alan’s lows got him to where he is now. He used to want to be the one who changed everyone. He talks about the 3 stages of martial arts and how he now understands that everyone is on their own journey.


As a leader, you want people to grow but the energy you have with people is so important. His need to please others led to betrayal.


Alan talks about his greatest teachers, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi, and David Hawkins. Every moment and every person you meet is a teacher.

Kids are a lot less resilient than they used to be. Parents often bring them to Invincible Worldwide to foster holistic development.
[22:50] Time is a human construct; become too immersed in it and you lose the artistry and flow. Creativity comes when you tap into flow, where there is no time.
[24:05] Qi (pronounced “chee”) is how everything flows and you can direct it with your breath. In martial arts, you can use the muscle body, skeletal body or the etheric body (which is the spiritual).
[26:30] An extraordinary life to Alan means being truly happy with yourself and with every moment and connected to something bigger.
[28:00] The 3 levels you see people grow through are amateur, athlete, and artist. The artist transcends competition and masters themselves instead of others.
[31.00] Alan has sacrificed time with people during his lifelong commitment.
[32:00] Alan is softly spoken and kind, but it doesn’t mean he’s weak. Ego wants to show others what you can do.
[32:40] The legacy Alan wants to leave is to make the world better by giving strength to the weak, confidence to those who don’t have it and clarity to those who are lost.
[34:30] The power of the almighty sun makes Alan purr.