It is my honour and my joy to share a conversation with the extraordinary Alistair Trung today.

Alistair is an Australian/Vietnamese creative and self-described 'cloth addict'. I have been wearing Alistair’s exquisite creations for almost 20 years since his label was founded in 2000. Defying prescribed ideologies of age, body, gender and beauty, Alistair believes in designing clothing that is trans-seasonal, trans-occasional, trans-age, trans-size and trans-gender.

Hands-on and playful, Alistair relies instinctively on the method of draping directly on the living body, to create architectural cuts that are simultaneously pragmatic, imaginative and enduring. His pieces radiate sophistication and timeless chic - a result of Alistair’s ability to carefully and wisely turn inward to navigate his way in a manner that is instinctive and organic.

We go back to where Alistair’s sense of design started in his idyllic childhood garden in Saigon, Vietnam. He shares about the beauty of flow in movement and how this is essential to all of his designs. Alistair expresses his desire to help people express themselves through his clothing, which brings a sense of eroticism, mystery, intelligence, maturity and common sense.

In our conversation, Alistair tells us about the unique philosophy behind his divine creations, the intelligence of his clothes and how his designs are a direct reflection of his personal journey. We talk about aspects of the fashion industry that frustrate Alistair and why we must continue to grow, question and investigate everything in life. Alistair generously shares with us his transformational approach of self-examination and self-interrogation that humanised his efforts to become the accomplished designer and the man he is today.

Alistair's approach to life and design is a beautiful concoction of consciousness, intelligence and simplicity. I hope you love this conversation as much as I did as Alistair shares his unique insights, observations and philosophies.

Topics Discussed


The day I met Alistair through Margaret Throsby and was so drawn to his uniqueness, playfulness and passion.


Alistair approaches his designs first with the mind. He talks about being disillusioned with what’s out there because a lot of it is marketing and PR and seducing people in spite of their intelligence.


Clothing is so important in shaping your psyche. Alistair’s self-discovery journey is echoed by the women he clothes and his whole mission is to help people cultivate their individuality.


Although Alistair sees many problems with the fashion industry today, he wouldn’t change anything. Pain teachers are there to help shape us and cause us to question and grow.


Daily practice is very important and is the level that inspires Alistair the most. Money cannot buy the intangible way a person carries themselves.


The word Brand arrests the way your soul works - people use it all the time but it comes from capitalism. Alistair never thought of what he does as a brand because he doesn’t want to follow a script.


Alistair wants to bring back common sense and is frustrated by the lack of questioning. He speaks with people every day and feels that they respond to common sense, goodness and intelligence.


Alistair’s sense of design started in his beautiful garden in Saigon, Vietnam. He was always amongst the trees and he made his own toys out of chopsticks and banana palm leaves.


His childhood experiences are embedded into what he does now. He isn’t strategic but he truly believes that if you create it, people will come.


Alistair makes clothing for both male and female bodies. Movement is such an important part of the process and he has instinctively created processes that allow him to create in this way.


Alistair has worked with choreographers and likes to emphasise visceral, intangible things and sensuality. Clothing isn’t 2 dimensional and his clothing liberates people to come into themselves


Alistair doesn’t plan ahead very well but he is working with Gene Sherman and will be doing an exhibition at the London Design Museum in London.


Covid is a great pain teacher for all of us. You still have to be conscious with compassion and wisdom.


Alistair’s mini collection incorporates timeless and holy colours