My guests on the episode today are fellow spiritual entrepreneurs Charlie Lund and Josh Marx, owners and founders of Prana Tattoo. Self-mastery and leadership are the names of their game.

Both Charlie and Josh have endured and overcome incredibly difficult childhoods to walk the walk through their own rite of passage to become the beautiful, evolved humans that they are today. I resonate when they tell me that they look back at their upbringing and see it as their training. Like me, inner peace is their destination, joy is their GPS.

But Josh and Charlie are not just incredible humans, they are also masterful tattoo artists. It’s the consistent evolution of their own personal development journey, as well as the integrity behind their work ethic that keeps Prana Tattoo ahead of the curve. Body adornment is a complex art form that is respected when it is mastered. Josh and Charlie each have their own, signature styles that reflect their art style as well as their personalities and they continue to make waves in their industry while honing their craft.

Our conversation, over a cup of Tiger Purrr Chai, navigated many topics. From how their upbringing influences their career path today to tattooing as a ceremony. Josh and Charlie describe how giving and receiving tattoos can be both a primal and meditative experience that allows them to express and tap into and channel who they are.

Josh and Charlie are both an absolute delight and I know their stories will speak to you as well.

Topics Discussed


Tattoos and body adornment are complex art forms.


I consider Charlie and Josh, owners of Prana Tattoo fellow spiritual entrepreneurs.


Charlie and Josh had childhoods full of adversity, but with strong female role models.


They each have unique traits, which play off each other and drive them further.


The art that Charlie and Josh create is honest and has been influenced by their upbringing.


Charlie and Josh are grateful for the adversity they have faced, and they describe why.


A tattoo is a beautiful window into the psyche of a person, an opportunity to look into the core of one’s self-identity.


Giving and receiving tattoos is a primal and meditative experience.


Charlie describes how tattooing is a transformative experience, and how she has navigated being an empath in the industry.


Charlie describes how Josh creates an incredibly safe space for the women he tattoos.


Josh and Charlie describe their three favourite things about each other.


Both of these humans look up to Dr Joe Dispenza as their role model.


People are surprised to find out that Josh and Charlie are both sober and clean.

Charlie and Josh discuss how both tattooing and their business have evolved.
Their evolution as humans has been closely linked to their career and practice as tattoo artists.
Developing an artistic identity and portfolio is important as a tattoo artist.
I see Josh and Charlie as the new frontier of body art. It has moved from stigma to status to spirituality.
Josh and Charlie share what makes them purrr and the clarity and openness that Tiger Purrr chai imparts to Charlie’s day.


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