Tiger Purrr Chai Lover:

Vic Volpe

Where do you live?

Collaroy Plateau on the northern beaches, Sydney. 

What do you do?

My brother Chris and myself are business owners of Fox Wardrobes and Cabinetry which make quality cabinetry for our clients. We also have a nursery on our property in Byron Bay that specialises in Bromeliad plants.

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What do you love about Tiger Purrr chai?

I don't need to drink coffee anymore as Tiger Purrr Chai gives me a slower caffeine release that lasts longer. I find it also has a better taste than coffee as I love the smoothness of the chai with oat milk. Tiger Purrr Chai is like a smooth fine wine, classy and delicious. When you know the good stuff you can't ever go back.

How do you like to drink Tiger Purrr chai?

I love my Tiger Purrr Chai with oak milk and a little stronger than normal. When I make it on the stove and the brew develops a darkish texture to it, I know it's ready to roll.

What’s your purpose in this world?

I love business and how business allows me to grow as a person. My purpose is to support my family and my staff to achieve an outstanding result for our clients at Fox Wardrobes. And to have fun while doing this, loving life and experiencing the beauty of what life brings.

What inspires you?

I love the water and water sports. I love to go surfing, wake boarding, jet skiing, spear fishing, scuba diving. I love to be out in nature, camping and bush walking. I love playing didgeridoo, walking my dog. I love breath work and ice baths and meeting like-minded people.

I also love to build businesses and do home renovations. Designing cabinetry that fits into a home, helping to change peoples lives.

What do you do to keep your vibration high?

Not overloading myself so that I have a clear head to be the leader and make the right decisions. Being out in nature, either walking the dog and having a swim in the ocean is a must. Giving myself some time to play.

What’s your dream for the future?

Not to be in the rat race. For me to evolve personally and to inspire others around me.


Want to try Tiger Purrr chai?

Shop our chef-crafted, mouth tinglingly delicious pure chai.

Want to try Tiger Purrr chai