Tiger Purrr Chai Lover:

Dr Christopher Speller

Where do you live?

I live in Northern Virginia in a waterfront community called Potomac Shores.  It’s a planned golf course community with hiking trails, club house, gym, swimming pools, and piers to launch canoes onto the Potomac River. I’ve lived in Virginia since the late 90s and enjoy access to Washington D.C. and all its history, memorials, art, and great restaurants. 

What do you do?

I am Vice President of SSB Stellar Solutions Inc. and work as a Senior Consultant for the Department of Defence at Pentagon helping to shape policy and guide strategic level decisions that lead to a productive and more resilient Nation.   

What do you love about Tiger Purrr chai?

I have a natural gravitation towards the finer qualities of life i.e., travelling and dining experiences. This makes me very discerning on how I spend my time as well as money. As such, Tiger Purrr is an amazing product and I give it my HIGHEST endorsement for its refined and exquisite taste!  The spices and flavours are well crafted, sophisticated, and bring me to a calm mental state with each cup. In a fast pace busy world, it’s great to slow things down and enjoy a smooth and delicious cup of tea and relax the mind, body, and spirit.  This is what makes Tiger Purrr stand out as a premier product in its class! 

How do you like to drink Tiger Purrr chai?

Although I enjoy drinking Tiger Purrr in a variety of ways, my favourite, however, is with oat milk and honey – amazing Based on the rich quality of tea elements, combining oat milk and honey is a force multiplier on many levels

What’s your purpose in this world?

By natural design I’m a macro and analytical thinker. I look to see the “Big Picture” first, and then take a strategic approach to solve complex problems and ways to achieve outcomes that yield positive results. Thus, I believe my purpose is to help organisations and people reach their goals and objectives.  Whether it’s evolutionary or revolutionary, change is constant and unstoppable. This understanding comes with ease for me. As such, it bolsters my purpose to help others navigate life and reach their full potential, whilst knowing that situations and life is forever changing.   

What inspires you?

That’s a fantastic question! The grandness of nature and all life on earth inspires me. How the universe works inspires me. People that overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, breakthrough innovations that are global and transformational, and seeing others succeed and actualizing their dreams.    

What do you do to keep your vibration high?

I exercise routinely, live a healthy quality of life, and maintain a positive outlook regardless of challenges or setbacks.  Life is about moving forward, always moving forward.  I keep an open mind with a quest to explore new destinations and cultures that enrich my experiences as well as enlightenment. Staying positive and uplifted.

What’s your dream for the future?

Continue to grow, learn, and evolve.  Increase business and earning capacity to create wealth and prosperity for my community and others. See my children grow and achieve their dreams and aspirations. Remain grounded and love like it can never hurt me. Travel abroad to destinations that are extraordinary, historical, exotic, compelling, and even far away remote places such as Antarctica. Most importantly, a future of good health, positive energy, and a soul that is at peace.  


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