Tiger Purrr Chai Lover:

Irene Cassiotis

Where do you live?

Sydney, Australia

What do you do?

I transform people and organisations. Transformation and exploration are part of my value set and my work revolves around those themes. I coach and mentor individuals, and I’m also the director of a growing brand communications agency, Elloom.


What do you love about Tiger Purrr chai?

The first time I sipped Tiger Purrr I had little fireworks in my body. All my cells lit up and came alive! I feel activated drinking Tiger Purrr and switched ON. At the time I was going through a work training session with minimal sleep and zero connection to nature for 5 days straight. Tiger Purrr was my saving grace and my soul's best friend for those 5 days. Tiger Purrr gets me activated!

How do you like to drink Tiger Purrr chai?

I found a very ornate pink and floral mug which has become the Tiger Purrr mug. I also found a special ceramic spoon especially for this special tea. Oat does well but I like the coconut and almond blended milk the best.
I enjoy drinking Tiger Purrr as I sit and looking out from the balcony, or for those few minutes while I organise things before my day starts.

What’s your purpose in this world?

To make life beautiful for people.

What inspires you?

Watching people do courageous things! Those shaking it off and winning anyway. And definitely nature's power, grace, colour and magnificence.

What do you do to keep your vibration high?

Listen to my heart.

What’s your dream for the future?

My dream is that our world continues to grow and evolve - the journey is a blessing to witness and be part of.



Want to try Tiger Purrr chai?

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Want to try Tiger Purrr chai