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About our blend

An impossibly delicious blend of flavours takes you on a steamy journey through asia. from the earthy potency of vietnamese cassia, the liquorice-sweetness of star anise and the tingly warmth of szechuan pepper, Tiger Purrr rewrites the rules of what premium chai can be.

Warning: you may never return to ordinary chai again.

serving anti-ordinary chai tea

fiercely flavourful chai tea

Tasting notes – Strong. Aromatic. Earthy. Elevated. Tongue-tingling. Soul-soothing.

how to make perfect Tiger Purrr chai tea

benefits: feel good chai

Tiger Purrr chai uses pure spices and authentic ingredients with immune-boosting, nootropic properties to enhance memory and cognitive function. our loose leaf assam tea has extremely high antioxidant activity, and consuming before or after a meal will aid digestion.

choose your method to perfect the purrr

1. Heat

2. Take off heat

3. Infuse

Heat one heaped teaspoon of loose leaf Tiger Purrr chai and 200ml of oat milk in a saucepan

Heat one heaped teaspoon of loose leaf tiger purrr chai and 200ml of oat milk in a saucepan.

Watch the how to make video

Remove saucepan from heat just before it boils

Remove from heat just before it boils.

Infuse chai tea for 3 minutes, then strain the tea

Infuse for 3 minutes, strain and savour the purrr.

why oat milk?

We have chef-tested every type of milk imaginable (except tiger milk — that would be weird). Nothing makes the authentic flavours hum and spices sing like oat milk. But you can always swap for water or another milk you’re into. 

for a positive charge

Our founder, Pauline Nguyen, The Spiritual Entrepreneur, practices shamanic activation to connect the mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset to a higher frequency. She activates all our pure ingredients so they are better digested by the body and absorbed with a positive charge. You’ll feel it from sip to soul.

Sip the world better

Did you know that producing tiger purrr chai uses 1/10th of the water it takes to produce a cup of coffee? Mother nature loves this stat. 

Any questions?

Curiosity killed the cat. But in this case it could get your question answered by one of our team.

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